Live music licencing by day.
Freelance music journalism and PR by night.

Copyright by day

My name is Tanyel Gumushan.

I am an inquisitive and dynamic thinker, who is curious about everything from popular culture to processes.

Currently leading as the Theatre and Variety Licensing Specialist at PPL PRS Ltd., I manage over 300 accounts to ensure accurate and authorised music licensing in theatrical productions across the UK. I do this through having straightforward, impactful conversations, being transparent about expectations and building professional working relationships based on genuine rapport and interest.


In implementing and managing complex licensing processes, and ensuring licensees are aware of their responsibilities, I thrive in talking to others and sharing knowledge and experience.

copywrite by night

Outside of the office, I am a creative content creator with a particular interest in entertainment and the arts.

I run a blog, Cheeky Little Matinee devoted to my love of theatre, and regularly freelance for music publications both in print and online.


As well as this, I am a freelance writer available to work on short and long term public relation campaigns. In particular, I work with record labels to produce biographies and press releases for their new signees, by interviewing the artist and helping to develop a brand identity for them.


Additionally, I am available for copywriting projects and have experience writing product specs, biographies, B2B and B2C blogs, press releases and news reports.